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Prince William Not Ready to Forgive Prince Andrew

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Andrew of York from left to right

Since his forced withdrawal from public life in 2020, Prince Andrew has seen his status within the royal family seriously compromised. This withdrawal was motivated by serious accusations made by Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Epstein, resulting in an out-of-court financial settlement estimated at around 14 million euros. This decision, although necessary to protect the image of the monarchy, was not enough to ease internal tensions, as reported by the British press.

Sources close to the royal family reveal that Prince William harbors a deep grudge against his uncle, particularly because of the cold reception given to Kate Middleton when she first joined the family. This hostility led the heir apparent to play a decisive role in Andrew’s downfall, even influencing the decisions of Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrew’s current residence, the Royal Lodge, is also a point of contention. This 30-room mansion in Windsor is coveted by King Charles for his eldest son. William actively supports this desire. According to a royal expert, William believes that his father has been too lenient with his younger brother Prince Andrew and is acting for his eviction.

If this expulsion materializes, Andrew could move to Frogmore Cottage, the former residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This step would mark a new phase in the progressive marginalization of the Duke of York within the royal family.

William also plans to reduce the number of active members of the royal family. Another royal expert claims that William is inspired by European monarchies to modernize his own. "He does not intend to invite new family members to be active," he said, potentially including his two youngest children.

This vision could transform the British monarchy, making it more compact and potentially more efficient. However, it involves difficult decisions regarding family members who do not actively participate in royal duties.

The book Endgame by Omid Scobie reveals additional details about William’s crucial role in these events. According to Scobie, William initiated the process that led to his uncle’s eviction. A close associate of William confided to the author that the prince knew that without his intervention, the queen would likely remain benevolent towards Andrew. The author claims that William exerted considerable pressure on the queen to take decisive action, convinced that his father was not competent enough to handle the thorny situation.