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Vin Diesel Accused of Sexual Assault by a Former Assistant

Vin Diesel, a very popular American actor internationally, must face accusations that could ruin his career

Vin Diesel, the American actor famous for his role in the Fast and Furious saga, is accused of sexual assault by a former assistant, Asta Jonasson. This complaint was filed with the Californian justice system on Thursday, December 22.

The alleged facts date back to 2010, during the filming of the fifth installment of Fast and Furious, in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the complaint, Asta Jonasson, who was recently hired, was sent to Vin Diesel’s hotel room early in the morning to help him avoid the paparazzi. It was there that the actor allegedly sexually assaulted her, touching and kissing her against her will, and attempted to remove her underwear.

The complaint details that Jonasson took refuge in the bathroom, pursued by Diesel, who then allegedly forced her to touch him, before pinning her against a wall and masturbating in front of her. Jonasson claims she was fired the day after the incident over the phone by Samantha Vincent, the actor’s sister and director of the company that employed her.

Vin Diesel’s lawyer has categorically denied these allegations. He pointed out that this was the first time the actor had heard of these accusations, dating back 13 years and made by a person who only worked nine days on the film set.

The complaint against Vin Diesel covers several charges, including sexual assault, gender discrimination, a hostile work environment, and wrongful termination. Asta Jonasson, inspired by the #MeToo movement, is seeking damages, the amounts of which are not specified.

The recent extension of the statute of limitations for sexual crimes in California has allowed for the filing of this complaint. This case is part of a series of similar complaints involving personalities such as Puff Daddy, Donald Trump, Jamie Foxx, Axl Rose