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The 10 Fashion Trends for Men for This Spring-Summer 2024

Six trendy young men

Summer 2024 is fast approaching, and with it, a wave of new trends. This year, boldness is in the spotlight. Each trend is a new opportunity to express yourself and stand out. It promises a season rich in style and innovation. So, gentlemen, you are probably wondering how to dress this season? We have the answers for you. Between boldness, revisited basics, and bright colors, discover our tips for perfect looks this summer.



For the summer season of 2024, orange stands out as a key color in the men’s wardrobe. Vibrant and bold, it adds a touch of dynamism and modernity to wardrobes. Whether in small touches or a total look, orange allows you to stand out. It shows a certain self-confidence.

Integrate it subtly with a t-shirt, polo, or pants. Orange pairs perfectly with neutral tones like white, beige, or navy blue.

For the more daring, orange suits are perfect for summer events. Pair them with a white shirt or modern accessories. Orange brings a real touch of modernity to men’s fashion and a certain freshness to outfits. So, it’s a must-adopt this season.

Orange suit jacket
Orange suit jacket


Khaki, versatile and timeless, is an essential color this season. This neutral shade adapts to various styles, from casual to chic. Khaki is often found in t-shirts or pants, offering a subtle alternative to bright colors.

For a sophisticated look, opt for a khaki jacket. Integrate this color into your accessories, like bags or sneakers. Its versatility allows it to be easily incorporated into all outfits. Originating from the military, khaki is an essential color for men this season. Wear it casually or more chic.

Khaki pants on man
Khaki pants on man

Different Styles to Dare


The full jean trend is making a strong comeback, offering a casual and timeless aesthetic. The main piece is the denim jacket, to be worn with chic details or a faded effect. Denim shirts are also very trendy. Pair them with jeans for a total denim look, ensuring to coordinate the shades.

Add touches of color to break the monotony, for example with a belt or white sneakers. Accessories like a canvas bag or a straw hat are also perfect for sunny days.

Total denim look on a man: pants and jacket
Total denim look on a man: pants and jacket


Inspired by traditional workwear, the workwear trend focuses on functional and stylish clothing.

The key piece is the flap pocket shirt with snap buttons. Complete it with cargo pants and work jackets. Earth tones such as brown, beige, and navy blue characterize this style. Opt for sturdy shoes like high boots and leather belts to complete the look.

This trend emphasizes comfortable clothing where it is possible to add authentic details to create an elegant workwear look for any occasion.

Workwear look: inspired by traditional work outfits
Workwear look: inspired by traditional work outfits

Classic Pieces to Adopt

The Cardigan

This classic piece is back in the spotlight with contemporary cuts and elegant details.

Opt for a fine-knit or lightweight cotton cardigan, perfect for layering over t-shirts or shirts. Choose cardigans with modern cuts and prioritize sophisticated details to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Neutral tones like navy blue, gray, or black are easy to match. They are suitable for all occasions.

You can also wear a cardigan with stripes or geometric textures. This will add visual interest to your outfit.

The cardigan offers a multitude of elegant and versatile options for all occasions. It is truly the must-have piece for this summer season of 2024.

Beige fine-knit cardigan
Beige fine-knit cardigan

The Baggy

The baggy, loose and casual, evokes a comfortable and stylish look. With wide cuts offering great freedom of movement, the baggy promises optimal comfort. It is perfect for summer evenings. Lightweight and breathable fabrics add to the comfort.

The baggy stands out for its relaxed and informal appearance, often associated with a bohemian or urban lifestyle. It is characterized by details like large pockets. Moreover, the patterns remain discreet, often with fine stripes or light checks.

Adopt it for a perfect combination of comfort and casual style.

Baggy pants with large pockets
Baggy pants with large pockets

The Tank Top

The tank top — or sleeveless shirt — is making a big comeback for spring-summer 2024.

This versatile garment offers comfort, freshness, and style. Available in several forms, it can be oversized or fitted. Minimalist and clean tank tops are easy to pair. Those with bold patterns bring a touch of modernity.

Use the tank top as a base and layer a shirt or blazer for a more chic touch. The tank top comes in various cuts and styles, allowing you to find your own look.

The fitted tank top on a man
The fitted tank top on a man

New Trendy Materials


Crochet brings an artisanal and retro touch to summer outfits. Made of cotton or linen, this material offers a light and airy texture, perfect for summer. Crochet comes in various pieces like tank tops or light sweaters.

Pair it with linen pants for a bohemian style or with denim shorts for a rock look. Inspired by a trend from the 70s, crochet is back in fashion this year. And we are not displeased. Crochet offers comfort and artisanal charm.

Whether worn solo or layered, this material adds a unique and airy dimension to the outfit. It makes the trend both daring and chic.

The crochet trend: airy material for the summer
The crochet trend: airy material for the summer


Men’s bodies are revealed in the manner of the lingerie trend for women. As you may have seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runways or at Hermès.

This trend is gaining popularity among men thanks to its bold and sophisticated style. Indeed, transparency comes in: either total or partial, with layering effects.

Transparent shirts are the key pieces of this trend. Pair them with tailored pants and loafers for an elegant and avant-garde style. Or, opt for a transparent t-shirt with denim shorts and sneakers for an urban touch.

Neutral colors like white, black, or beige are popular. But transparency also comes in pastel colors like sky blue, pale pink, or mint green. For those who dare, it also exists in bright colors for a touch of dynamism.

Transparency is the modern trend of this year 2024. By playing with this material, you can create varied and unique looks for your men’s outfits.

Transparent shirt, a modern trend among men
Transparent shirt, a modern trend among men


This futuristic trend brings a bold touch to your outfits. The shiny reflections of metallic pieces catch the eye. The key pieces are pants and jackets, like the bomber jacket.

For a modernist look, pair metallic with black or white for a striking contrast. For evenings, dare a metallic shirt or metallic shoes to make a sensation.

This material comes in several colors: the classic gold and silver for a luxurious look. But also in bolder colors like red or purple for a touch of audacity. So gentlemen, if you want to be original, try metal!

Metallic pants, a futuristic trend for men
Metallic pants, a futuristic trend for men

For spring-summer 2024, men’s fashion trends are characterized by renewed boldness and particular attention to detail.

Between futuristic metallic textures, transparent fabrics, and the authenticity of the cardigan, each style offers a unique possibility of expression. The trends reflect a harmonious balance between innovation and tradition, allowing everyone to compose a modern and timeless look.

The summer season of 2024 promises to be a period where men’s fashion embraces diversity and individuality. It promises varied and personalized looks. Adopt these trends to stand out and express your style with confidence.