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Who Is Tibo InShape, the Influencer Triumphing on YouTube?

Tibo InShape, the number one YouTuber in France

Thibaud Delapart, better known as Tibo InShape, is now the most followed French influencer. At 32, he has surpassed Squeezie, reaching 18.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Squeezie, taking a break to avoid burn-out, has ceded his place to this young man passionate about bodybuilding.

Tibo InShape’s success is based on the cult of performance and self-improvement. He films his training sessions in his gym in Albi, but also creates immersive reports on little-known professions. These videos attract the attention of many professional sectors and even the government, which enlisted him to promote the General National Service in 2019.

The 32-year-old from Toulouse was seen with Gabriel Attal in a successful video. His popularity translates, as expected, into considerable earnings. Since May 2023, his channel has experienced spectacular growth, thanks to a strategy of publishing short, monetizable videos. He gains between 1 and 2 million subscribers per month.

Thibaud Delapart started bodybuilding at 17 after an assault, turning this ordeal into a passion. In 2013, he created his YouTube channel, mixing bodybuilding advice and humor. In 2016, he was named one of the ten most influential French accounts by the newspaper Libération, and in 2017, the show Quotidien on TMC named him "YouTuber of the Year."

In 2017, he opened his own gym and diversified his activities. He creates promotional videos for institutions like the army and the police, billed between €20,000 and €30,000. His content also includes the discovery of lifestyles and professions.

Despite his success, Tibo InShape is often at the center of controversies. Some peers consider him a divisive figure due to his comments deemed conservative or clumsy on TikTok, creating bad buzz. He is accused of taking radical positions and treating lightly subjects like depression, a disease that can lead to suicide. In 2019, controversial messages from him resurfaced, causing accusations of racism and homophobia.

In early 2024, when he was supposed to participate in Aux Jeux Streamers (The Streamers Games in French), an event bringing together former athletes and media personalities, Tibo InShape was excluded from the show. Some participants refused to compete alongside him. This whiff of scandal only amplifies the notoriety of the fiancé of Juju Fitcats, also a famous influencer, who often shares intimate confidences about their relationship.

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