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Demi Moore Scares Cannes in The Substance by Fargeat

Demi Moore at the Cannes Film Festival 2024

Last Sunday, May 19, The Substance, the new film by Coralie Fargeat, was screened in the Debussy theater. This feature film, presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, stars the indomitable Demi Moore. During its screening, some viewers outright left the theater in the face of images of unbearable violence.

Demi Moore is present on the Croisette for the first time with a film in which she plays a leading role. At the press conference, she expressed her gratitude for the reception she received and the opportunity to present this film that is dear to her.

THE SUBSTANCE – Press Conference – Cannes 2024

The pitch of this film in competition? “Have you ever dreamed of a better version of yourself? Try The Substance. Share your time, one week each. What could possibly go wrong?”.

The reactions of the viewers were unexpected. Some, unable to bear the violence of the scenes, walked out of the screening. Coralie Fargeat reacted by downplaying these reactions, finding them exaggerated in the face of what remains pure fiction.

For Demi Moore, this cinematic experience was intense and revealing. She shared this feeling at the press conference: “Agreeing to expose myself emotionally and physically pushed me out of my comfort zone. This film helped me to accept myself even better”.

The Substance is not done making a name for itself, as it has not yet been released in theaters…