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Taylor Swift, A Young Billionaire With A Future

Taylor Swift makes a power gesture on stage

Taylor Swift, 34 years old, recently crowned by Forbes magazine, continues to fascinate the world not only with her music, but also with her political influence. Her 283 million Instagram followers attest to this.

The singer, voted person of the year by Time Magazine, draws crowds. Her current tour, The Eras Tour, is setting new records. Two million American fans were already on the waiting list after just a few minutes, despite tickets often costing more than 1,000 dollars.

But this phenomenon is not only observed in the United States. The choice of Singapore as the main stop of the tour in Asia has sparked regional diplomatic tensions, showing the considerable economic impact of her concerts. Indeed, her performances in Los Angeles would have generated 320 million dollars in profits for the city.

Beyond the stages and statistics, Taylor Swift also influences the political sphere. American commentators believe that her support could influence the results of the next presidential election.

Her past marked by media interactions with figures such as Kanye West, greatly contributed to her visibility at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.

With a fortune estimated at 1.1 billion dollars and an undeniable impact both in the music industry and in global affairs, Taylor Swift has become a true cultural phenomenon.