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Françoise Hardy, French icon of the 60s

Françoise Hardy Ill for Her 80th Birthday

Françoise Hardy, a French singer who needs no introduction, celebrates her 80th birthday on January 17th under painful circumstances. Suffering from lymphatic system cancer and

Only 34 years old, openly gay, and the target of various conspiracy theorists online, the appointment of Gabriel Attal to Matignon continues to surprise

Gabriel Attal: Surprise Prime Minister

The appointment of Gabriel Attal as Prime Minister of France represents an unprecedented event in French politics, judging by the countless reactions. For the first

Judith Godrèche makes a strong comeback on Arte with Icon of French Cinema but also for some of the controversies of the moment

Judith Godrèche Against Benoît Jacquot?

Judith Godrèche, a French actress and director, has taken a decisive step by explicitly naming filmmaker Benoît Jacquot on her Instagram account. She discusses a