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Sophie Marceau Relieved

Sophie Marceau is wearing a blue blouse in front of a sky-colored background

This Sunday, July 7, 2024, the second round of the early legislative elections crowned the New Popular Front, relegating the National Rally to the background.

Among those who rejoiced at this result, Sophie Marceau stood out. The actress, known for her past political commitments in favor of the left, shared her joy on Instagram with a simple "Yay!!! I love France". This post quickly sparked numerous reactions, some enthusiastic, others much more critical.

In 2017, Marceau had already expressed her support for Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the presidential election, clearly positioning herself against far-right ideologies. Her commitment has evidently not waned, as evidenced by her recent post on social media.

The results of the first round of the legislative elections on June 30 had shocked many French people with 33% of the votes for the RN. A strong mobilization on social media against the RN seems to have reversed the trend, offering victory to Mélenchon’s party and its allies on July 7.

Following this defeat for the presidential majority, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced his upcoming resignation, scheduled for this Monday, July 8.

Despite Sophie Marceau’s joy, her post also attracted harsh criticism from internet users equally concerned about the country’s future. Some comments express worries about the economic and social consequences of this political change.

Sophie Marceau continues to be involved in French political life, using her fame to support her personal convictions and share her optimism for the future of France.