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Sonia Rolland Will Say Yes to Her Childhood Love

Portrait of the former Miss France Sonia Rolland

Sonia Rolland, actress and former Miss France, recently announced on social media her commitment to the man she has loved for several years. An announcement marked by the revelation of an engagement ring symbolizing their upcoming union: a sapphire framed in yellow gold.

The actress, aged 43, is in a discreet but intense relationship with her future husband, a man on the fringes of showbiz who has won her heart. Sonia Rolland confessed that she fell in love with him two decades ago, and that life has brought them together once more to never part again.

Discretion is the watchword of their couple, in accordance with Sonia’s favorite saying: "Vivons heureux, vivons cachés" ("Live happily, live hidden" in French). Her fiancé, an artistic director in advertising, won her over with his sense of humor and gentleness, qualities that have strengthened their bond over time. "It’s a beautiful story, an obviousness shared by all those who know us", Sonia said during an interview.

While the wedding date has not yet been revealed, Sonia Rolland’s fans and loved ones are eagerly waiting to celebrate this special day. This wedding will mark a new stage in the actress’s life, crowning a relationship that has blossomed again.