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Family Tensions Among the Delons Exacerbated by a Weapons Seizure

The actor Alain Delon pointed at by a firearm during a shooting

Law enforcement recently seized 72 firearms and 3,000 rounds of ammunition from French actor Alain Delon, in Douchy, in the Loiret region. Following a court decision related to the actor’s health condition, he was deemed incapable of possessing these weapons.

Alain Delon, 88 years old, had long legally owned these weapons, some of which are collectibles. A great enthusiast of firearms, the actor even had a shooting range installed on his property. However, the court deemed it necessary to requisition them, as Delon no longer had the legal authorization to possess them.

This seizure raises questions about the actor’s well-being, having suffered a stroke in 2019 and suffering from lymphoma. His fragile health and mental state were cited as reasons for the seizure, due to a risk of suicide. His daughter, Anouchka, reacted, describing her father’s weapon collection as an integral part of their family history.

The family, under the spotlight for several months, is not done with the trials.