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“Eurovision 2024 in the Crosshairs of Ségolène Royal”

Ségolène Royal on the left and Nemo, the big winner of Eurovision 2024, on the right.

The Eurovision 2024 contest concluded with the victory of Nemo, a self-proclaimed non-binary Swiss artist, while Belgium and its representative Mustii did not make it to the final. The competition was marked by incidents, notably the exclusion of the Netherlands, adding spice to the event.

Ségolène Royal criticizes Eurovision 2024 on X – Formerly Twitter

Ségolène Royal, the former French minister and former presidential finalist, expressed a virulent criticism of the contest on X. Madame Royal denounced what she considers an “exhibition of ugliness and vulgarity”, questioning the allocation of European public funds to this event. She called for an investigation into the organizers’ clothing choices, describing the outfits as “exhibitionism,” and requested a detailed financial report of the competition.

Royal’s comments sparked a lively debate on social networks, with divided opinions. Some defend the artistic and expressive aspect of Eurovision, while others support the former minister’s criticisms of the perceived excessive extravagance.