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Who Is Romy Croquet, the Beautiful Blonde Who Dazzled Cannes?

Romy Croquet in front of a blue sky

The Cannes Festival 2024 unveiled a rising star on its red carpet. Romy Croquet, the daughter of Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars, made a sensation during the premiere of the film Megalopolis by Francis Ford Coppola, her grandfather.

At just 17 years old, the lovely Romy chose an elegant outfit signed Chanel. Her black strapless mini dress, adorned with a veil and discreet earrings, attracted all eyes. Her quilted clutch and her black and white pumps perfectly completed her look.

Born in Paris in 2006, Romy grew up between France and New York. Despite a discreet childhood, she started a modeling career in 2020 with Marc Jacobs and recently made herself known on TikTok. Through her videos, she shares moments of her life, sometimes surprising with rather personal revelations.

At the presentation of Megalopolis, Romy was on the arm of Francis Ford Coppola, surrounded by film stars like Adam Driver and Shia LaBeouf.

Romy tries to cultivate her own identity, her blondness contrasting with her mom’s dark hair. Although she comes from a remarkable family that includes other illustrious names like Nicolas Cage, she tries to break the mold, on her social networks for example.

Does this notable appearance promise a busy public life? In any case, for her first red carpet, Romy Croquet shone under the spotlights, perhaps promising a career as brilliant as that of her parents. We await the sequel…