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Is Yann Barthès’ Quotidien Show Racist?

Yann Barthès, host of Quotidien, in court

This Monday, June 3, Pierre Garnier, winner of Star Academy on TF1, performed Nous on sait live on the show Quotidien. He was accompanied by a gospel choir, and fans appreciated the performance, which was viewed by nearly 45,000 people on Instagram.

However, serious accusations of racism erupted backstage. Some choristers claim to have been victims of racial discrimination by the TMC show’s teams.

A chorister from the June 3 Quotidien show speaks out on X (formerly Twitter)

On the social network X, a chorister wrote: “I was a chorister and the production of the Quotidien show? Honestly no, review your manners and the way you treat people.”

Another testimony accuses the production of giving black wristbands to 99% of the black choristers and confining them in a small room, while the white choristers were left on the set. “The racism we experienced? I have never experienced anything like this in my life. A disgrace,” he added.

This Tuesday, June 4, the production company Bangumi responded, calling the incident a “communication blunder.” They claim that about forty choristers were placed in a dressing room to wait for their turn, as is the case for all Friday live shows. “We did not sort or count anyone. I find it creepy to imagine that we could have sorted people by race,” said a Bangumi representative.

The company announced that it will contact the affected choristers to apologize. “In no way is this about racism. It’s horrible for us to imagine that people could think that about the Quotidien teams,” concluded the famous production company.