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Prince William Blunders in Front of the Cameras

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William

By constantly being followed by cameras, Prince William sometimes forgets that he is being filmed.

Sensitive to the ecological cause, Prince William participated this week in a roundtable moderated by actress Hannah Waddingham. The participants discussed projects, initiatives, and innovations in the environmental sector. "The magic behind the success we have had so far has been the powerful growth model we have built," he congratulated himself.

A small hiccup caused some discomfort in the conversation. While praising the versatility of Hannah Jones, CEO of the Earthshot Prize, Hannah Waddingham made a sharp remark: "It’s because she’s a woman." The quip immediately elicited a reaction from her interlocutor. "Indeed," confirmed the Prince of Wales with a burst of laughter, who has made multiple blunders in front of the cameras.

The media scrutinizes the slightest actions of the British royal family. While he knows how to behave in front of the cameras, Prince William sometimes forgets that he is being followed by them. The husband of Kate Middleton gave a good demonstration of this on the sidelines of the roundtable.

Delighted to "see" the moderator of the meeting again, the eldest son of Charles III made sure to congratulate Hannah Waddingham for her role in the film Fall Guy. "You play a very good villain," the prince told her. The actress did not expect her role to be revealed in front of the cameras. "Spoiler alert! You can’t say that," she pointed out to William, who immediately apologized with a big smile: "I’m sorry, forget that."

Every year, Prince William attends the British Academy Film Awards ceremony with his wife. In the midst of her battle against cancer, Kate Middleton did not attend the awards ceremony on February 18th. Her husband, however, was present. The evening could have gone smoothly if he had thought twice before speaking.

Our British colleagues report that William caused some discomfort while congratulating actress Mia McKenna-Bruce, a BAFTA winner for her role in How to have sex. "I haven’t watched your film yet. I think you seemed to have a lot of fun throughout," he said to the actress who plays a rape victim in the film!