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The State Will Not Fund Prince Harry’s Security

Meghan and Harry with closed faces in front of Buckingham Palace

Yesterday, the High Court of Justice rejected Prince Harry’s appeal challenging a decision made in February. This decision denied the Duke of Sussex‘s request to reinstate his police protection during his visits to the United Kingdom. The prince had lost this state-funded protection after stepping down from his royal duties in 2020.

The original decision was made by the government committee Ravec, which manages the security of members of the royal family. Upon stepping down from his duties, Harry and his family received a reduced level of protection. The prince wanted to challenge this situation, without success. In addition to this legal defeat, he will also have to bear a large part of the legal costs incurred by this procedure.

This situation comes in a context of tensions between the prince, his wife, and the rest of the royal family. The said Sussexes, now residents in California, are having difficulties maintaining a serene relationship with the Windsors. The actress remains hostile to resuming relations with the British royal family. She would therefore fear possible visits to her husband’s family in the United Kingdom.

The issue of security remains a crucial subject for the couple, who are closely watched. Following this decision, they will have to consider other measures for their possible future trips to the United Kingdom. Yet another complication for the Sussexes since their highly publicized departure from the royal family…