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The Provocative Poupette Kenza in Custody for Extortion

The influencer Poupette Kenza in tears in one of her videos

Poupette Kenza is making headlines again, but this time, it’s not for a new controversy on social media. Indicted for "attempted extortion in an organized gang" and "criminal conspiracy," the influencer has been placed in pre-trial detention. She will have the opportunity to defend her freedom on July 11 at the Rouen court.

Poupette Kenza, or Kenza Benchrif in civil status, seems to have found a new way to attract attention. After making headlines with her anti-Semitic statements that scandalized, among others, Minister Aurore Bergé and the DILCRAH, she is now involved in a dark extortion case. Arrested on July 4, just after her return to France, she chose to remain silent in police custody, a strategic choice before speaking to the judge.

According to investigators, Kenza accuses a couple of stealing €350,000 from her. Rather than contacting the police, she called on a middleman, claiming to be "the solution to this type of problem." But as often happens, things did not go as planned. The middleman, apprehended with a grenade in his pocket, was also indicted.

The court ordered her pre-trial detention, fearing a flight abroad. Meanwhile, her relatives remained in Dubai. Between two Instagram posts about her life as a mother, Poupette Kenza had mentioned her return to France, while complaining about potential troubles. But it seems her troubles have caught up with her. Material for a future reality show on W9 or NRJ12?