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Poor Things: Emma Stone Stars in the Film That Reinvents Frankenstein

After her success in Cruella, Emma Stone makes a strong comeback in Poor Creatures

Poor Things, directed by Yórgos Lánthimos, was released in theaters this Wednesday, January 17. The film, starring Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe, offers a unique take on the myth of Frankenstein.

Poor Things follows the adventures of Bella, a creature similar to Frankenstein’s bride, in a fictional 19th-century England. Bella is the result of an experiment conducted by a scientist calling himself “God”, in which a baby’s brain was grafted onto the body of a suicidal woman.

Protected by this British Dr. Frankenstein, played by Willem Dafoe, Bella, thirsty for knowledge, escapes into the outside world, guided by a debauched lawyer played by Mark Ruffalo. Bella travels from Lisbon to Paris via Alexandria. Throughout her journey, she gains her independence by experiencing the pleasures of sex, even resorting to prostitution.

Emma Stone, awarded a Golden Globe and potentially in the running for a second Oscar, delivers a remarkable performance. The film stands out for its originality and the quality of its acting, although its particular aesthetic may disconcert some viewers.

Poor Things aims to be a feminist and whimsical variation of Frankenstein. Already awarded at the Venice Film Festival and the Golden Globes, the film is a favorite for the Oscars. Adapted from a novel by Scottish writer Alasdair Gray, Poor Things navigates between retrofuturism and steampunk, offering popular entertainment coupled with a reflection on the norms imposed on women.

Poor Things official trailer