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Pierre Niney Has the Courage of His Convictions

The actor Pierre Niney in front of a sunset

Pierre Niney, known for his passionate roles and quirky television appearances, recently spoke out on a delicate subject: the political engagement of artists. During a radio interview, he shared his perspective on what he calls a “contradictory injunction” for public figures.

Pierre Niney: “Public services are very precious, they are our DNA and they belong to us!” — France Inter on YouTube

The actor, soon to be starring in The Count of Monte Cristo, explained that artists are often pushed to express their political opinions but are simultaneously criticized for doing so. “We are often told that we are important opinion leaders and that we need to speak out. But on the other hand, many criticize us for being out of touch and believe that it is not our role,” he stated.

Niney insists that he has no lessons to give and does not consider himself a spokesperson. He simply wishes to share his personal experiences and convictions. He asserts that just because he chose to be an artist does not mean he is no longer a French citizen.

The actor also addressed another subject close to his heart: public services. He emphasized the importance of protecting and valuing schools and hospitals, essential elements of the French DNA. “We are in a state of emergency on many issues. Public services are very precious and they belong to us,” he stressed.

This is not a call to vote, but a simple plea for the recognition of the rights and voices of every citizen, including artists. The actor, who recently shone at the Cannes Festival, wants to use his platform not to dictate opinions but to remind people of the importance of speaking out and defending the republican values that are dear to him.