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A Hundred Faces Unite Against Sexist Violence

The actress Anna Mouglalis in front of a blue sky

In a remarkable display of solidarity, one hundred French personalities posed for Le Monde, demanding a more comprehensive law to combat sexual and sexist violence. Among them, figures from all professional backgrounds who are not just numbers, but embody the voices of millions of others affected by this scourge.

This collective action follows a series of #MeToo revelations that have highlighted the systemic nature of this violence. These voices aim to break a collective denial that, until now, has too often protected the aggressors instead of supporting the victims.

The article emphasizes the urgency of more ambitious legislation, particularly through the clarification of legal definitions of "rape" and "consent", the introduction of the term "incest", and the improvement of judicial processes for victims. The alarming rate of cases being dropped, reaching 94% in 2022, is a glaring indicator of the current failure of the systems in place.

Actress Anna Mouglalis, initiator of the photographic project with Anne-Cécile Mailfert and Muriel Réus, highlights this need for change. The goal is clear: to move from a communication policy to concrete and funded action, so that the fight against sexual and sexist violence becomes a real national priority, supported by means commensurate with the stakes.

Faced with this damning observation, the reaction of personalities and citizens calls for a profound transformation, where silence and complacency will no longer have their place. It is a call to action, vigilance and commitment from everyone so that real changes can finally be made.