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Starsky Without Hutch or The Pain of Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser, also known as Starsky the brunette, and David Soul, also known as Hutch the blonde, are the legendary duo from a TV series that has been broadcasted around the world

Paul Michael Glaser, famous for his role as Starsky in the iconic series Starsky & Hutch, expressed his emotion following the death of David Soul, his on-screen partner. In a statement shared with several newsrooms, including the Daily Mail, Glaser referred to Soul as a "brother" and "friend".

Glaser, 80, nostalgically spoke of their friendship and collaboration: "I’m struggling to accept David’s passing. It seems like just yesterday, we were exchanging affectionate insults over the phone". These words reflect the deep connection and enduring friendship of the two actors, beyond their on-screen partnership.

Soul, who played the character of Hutch in the series, passed away in London on January 5 at the age of 80. Glaser also expressed his compassion towards Helen Snell, Soul’s wife, praising the love and support she provided to her husband in his final years.

It should be noted that Paul Michael himself lost his wife Elizabeth Meyer and his son in the 80s.

Furthermore, Glaser extended his condolences to Soul’s children, father of five sons and a daughter, China. His words resonate as a sincere testament of a deep friendship and respect, transcending time and fame. The duo formed by Glaser and Soul in Starsky & Hutch marked an era and remains an emblematic memory of 70s television.