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Who Is Afraid of Pamela Anderson Without Makeup?

Pamela Anderson in the natural

For over a year, Pamela Anderson, the 56-year-old American icon, has stepped away from makeup brushes to display a completely natural face, much to the chagrin of her two sons and some of her fans. Known for her role in the series Baywatch and her covers for Playboy, Pamela surprised her admirers and her family by abandoning the cosmetics that have long been part of her public persona.

The decision was not without reactions. Her sons, Dylan and Brandon, products of her union with rocker Tommy Lee, did not hide their surprise, even their dismay at this radical change. Despite their concerns, the Canadian-born actress persevered in her public appearances and photo shoots, like the one for CR Fashion Book, remaining faithful to her new philosophy.

The death of her makeup artist Alexis Vogel marked a turning point for Pamela. She confided in an interview with Elle US that Alexis’s absence encouraged her to adopt a much more sober approach. She now refuses to follow the trend of heavy makeup, making a rare choice in the world of show business, but perhaps more appropriate for a vegan.

Pamela Anderson does not hide her desire to age naturally. She is not afraid to let her hair go gray after having bleached it for decades and to do without makeup.

She has bravely put away the old bimbo she was in the 90s, reminiscent of a certain Brigitte Bardot, a 60s icon and animal friend who remains a role model for her.