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The Misfortunes of Omar Sy in Switzerland

Omar Sy and his wife on a blue background

Omar Sy was caught speeding in Switzerland in July 2023. The actor was sentenced by the Geneva court.

The comedian was caught speeding twice. On July 19, he was driving at 92 km/h instead of 50 in Troinex. The next day, he was caught at 98 km/h instead of 60 in Cologny. The authorities identified the owner of the motorcycle and sent several letters to Omar Sy.

However, the actor did not respond to the requests. He did not provide any documents proving that he was not the driver and did not give the contact details of potential other drivers. The Geneva court therefore ruled that Omar Sy was indeed the guilty driver.

The actor, who had expressed his concern about the rise of the far right in France last April, was sentenced to 105 daily fines of 300 Swiss francs per day, amounting to 31,500 Swiss francs — 32,700 euros. A three-year suspension was granted, but he will have to pay 6,300 francs — 6,500 euros immediately.

This sanction was calculated based on his personal and economic situation. Omar Sy must now settle this fine with the Swiss justice system.