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Brigitte Macron in Majesty at the D-Day Ceremony

Brigitte Macron on a pastel blue background

The Normandy was at the center of attention this Thursday, June 6. 25 world leaders attended the 80th anniversary of the Landing on Omaha beach. Among them, France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron and Prince William shared an affectionate gesture in front of the cameras.

This emotionally charged day marks the 80th anniversary of the Landing, which led to the liberation of France and the end of World War II. Dozens of kings, princes, presidents, and Prime Ministers laid wreaths in memory of the soldiers who fell on the front lines and delivered several speeches in tribute to those who fought.

Prince William made a notable entrance alongside Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the American presidential couple Joe and Jill Biden. Under the tent set up for the occasion, a warm gesture between the French First Lady and the British heir was filmed.

As the crowd applauded, Brigitte Macron, very elegant in her white dress, displayed a radiant smile alongside William, who, despite the trials, proudly wore his medals. The 71-year-old lady and the eldest son of King Charles seemed to exchange an amusing anecdote, laughing heartily. In the excitement of the moment, Brigitte Macron amicably placed her hand on the prince’s arm. She attempted to do the same with a far less welcoming Queen Camilla this time…

Brigitte Macron tries to hold Queen Camilla’s hand, thus breaking royal protocol.

Earlier in the day, Emmanuel Macron and King Charles III had a warm reunion. The French president called out to the monarch to converse, and the two leaders exchanged a few words. The king, very smiling despite the cancer he is battling, seemed in good shape. Their last meeting was in September 2023, during the royal couple’s state visit to France.

The irreplaceable Stéphane Bern affirmed on the channel that the two men get along quite well, recalling their meeting in London in June 2020 for the 80th anniversary of the appeal of June 18.