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Dallas at the Hermès

Jadil, the gardener at the heart of the controversy at the Hermès house

On February 6, at the funeral of Bertrand Puech, an emblematic figure of the Hermès dynasty, an unusual couple draws attention. Nicolas Puech, brother of the deceased, has for years introduced Jadil, a Moroccan, and Maria, a Spaniard, as his son and daughter-in-law. This lifestyle choice intrigues within a family whose fortune is estimated at nearly 138 billion euros.

Met in 1992 in Seville, Jadil, then a worker at the World Expo, enters the life of Nicolas Puech who decides to adopt him as his son. This relationship quickly goes beyond the professional to become familial. Jadil, endowed with remarkable intelligence and sensitivity, quickly becomes indispensable to Nicolas Puech, managing his numerous properties and taking care of his personal affairs.

The situation becomes more complex with the entrance of Maria, who wins Jadil’s heart. Together, they form a united family, welcoming two children. Nicolas Puech, attached to this family, decides to legitimize this bond by undertaking an adoption procedure. This approach is perceived by some as a maneuver to circumvent the succession rules related to his Isocrate foundation, dedicated to the fight against disinformation.

Hermès heirs and some close associates question the real motivations of Nicolas Puech. The adoption of an adult and the renunciation of parenthood by Jadil’s biological parents raise debate and suspicion. Nicolas Puech recently modified his testamentary provisions, cancelling his initial commitment to the Isocrate foundation, which could call into question the allocation of his fortune, estimated at 12 billion euros.

Discussions between Nicolas Puech and the Isocrate foundation are underway to find common ground. However, the adoption of Jadil and his increased presence in Hermès family affairs and events indicate Nicolas Puech’s intention to officially recognize this family of the heart.