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Nicolas Bedos, Young Dad Facing Justice

The prodigious comedian and director Nicolas Bedos must face justice

The French actor and director Nicolas Bedos will face justice on September 26, 2024, following accusations of assault and sexual harassment. His lawyer announced on Wednesday that Bedos would be tried for alleged sexual assault on a woman in Paris between May 11 and 12, 2023, when he was in a "state of manifest drunkenness," and for "sexual harassment" of another woman, committed between June 14 and 15, 2018.

According to his lawyer, the facts alleged against Mr. Bedos have not been the subject of any complaint. She specifies that the accusations concern "a kiss on the neck of a woman in a nightclub in May 2023" and "persistent and offensive behavior" at a party in June 2018, for which Guy Bedos’s son had already apologized.

The prosecution also mentioned a dismissal for facts denounced by two other women due to the statute of limitations. These facts concern a denunciation of a sexual act in 1999, judged non-consensual, and an attempted kiss in 2016.

The media and public attention on this trial also underscores the importance of the presumption of innocence in the French judicial system.