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Fiona Harvey, the Lawyer Who Is After Netflix and Richard Gadd

Richard Gadd stars in the series Baby Reindeer on Netflix

On Netflix, I am portrayed as a stalker. It’s a lie! These words are from Fiona Harvey, a 58-year-old Scottish lawyer, accusing the series Baby Reindeer of defamation. The series, inspired by real events, tells the story of Donny, played by Richard Gadd, who was stalked by a woman for years.

“Richard Gadd is PSYCHOTIC” Baby Reindeer’s ‘Real’ Martha Fiona Harvey

Martha, the character inspired by Harvey and played by the talented actress Jessica Gunning, transitions from a friend to a disturbing obsessive, following Donny everywhere and harassing his loved ones. Harvey claims this description is false and exaggerated. She defends herself in an interview, asserting that she only met Gadd a few times and denies any obsession or harassment.

Since the series aired, Harvey has received death threats online. She criticizes the series as “appalling, obscene, and misogynistic” and accuses Gadd of being the obsessed one. According to her, he exaggerated their interaction for revenge. Harvey plans to sue Netflix and Gadd for defamation, although such an action might require the examination of her computer and criminal record.

Netflix, for its part, claims to have conducted all necessary checks. Pending legal developments, the series continues to make headlines.