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Micheline Presle: The Farewell of a Queen

The French actress Micheline Presle against a sky background

Micheline Presle, grand dame of French cinema, passed away this Wednesday, February 21, at the age of 101. Her passing was announced by her family, marking the end of an era for the seventh art. Known for her roles that spanned the ages, Micheline Presle leaves behind a remarkable cinematic legacy.

Born on August 22, 1922, Miss Presle began her career before the Second World War and quickly became one of the most respected actresses of her generation, alongside her esteemed colleagues Danielle Darrieux and Michèle Morgan. She shone in films such as Paradise Lost by Abel Gance or Falbalas by Jacques Becker.

Her role in Devil in the Flesh by Claude Autant-Lara, where she starred alongside Gérard Philipe, made a lasting impression, earning her a significant place in the hearts of film lovers. Beyond the big screen, Micheline Presle also had a career in theater and television, notably with her role in the series Les Saintes Chéries.

Rediscover Micheline Presle in the ‘Les Saintes Chéries’ series

Her ability to embrace varied roles with grace and intensity made her a lasting icon of cinema, even eliciting the proclaimed admiration of a Jean-Marie Lepen… In recognition of this remarkable cultural contribution, Presle was honored with a César d’honneur by the Académie des César in 2004.

Her passing is not only a loss for the world of cinema, but also for the audience who followed her career for nearly seven decades. Micheline Presle traversed the ages with elegance, sharing the stage with generations of actors and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

The funeral of the woman who was also the mother of director Tonie Marshall — who passed away in 2020 — will be held in private, in accordance with the wishes of her family. Her memory will remain in the minds of film lovers.