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Splendors and Miseries for Meghan and Harry

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry

Meghan Markle recently made headlines during her trip to Nigeria. Her glamorous outfits and bare shoulders sparked controversy. Two weeks after her visit, the country’s first lady, Oluremi Tinubu, criticized the overly sexy outfits of American stars, without directly naming the Duchess of Sussex.

In a speech celebrating "the mothers of the nation," the Nigerian president’s wife urged young Nigerian women not to imitate Hollywood stars. She condemned the pervasive nudity, which is unacceptable in Nigerian culture. Meghan Markle, whose outfits during her stay cost more than 140,000 euros, was deemed indecent by some media outlets.

Meghan had worn a backless peach-colored dress, a form-fitting dress with a cutout on the chest, and a sleeveless yellow outfit. The first lady also questioned Meghan’s presence in Nigeria.

The Duchess of Sussex had stated that Nigeria was somewhat "her country" due to her Nigerian roots revealed by a genetic test. However, a better understanding of local customs could have avoided this controversy.

The official aspect of this visit had also angered King Charles III. The space dedicated to Harry and Meghan on the royal website is shrinking, with their profiles being reduced and relegated below that of Prince Andrew, who is involved in the Epstein scandal.

In 2016, a statement by Harry defending Meghan from racist attacks was removed. In his memoirs, Harry reveals that this statement angered his father and brother, as it tarnished their image, a conflict quietly suppressed by the royal family.