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Meghan and Harry: Already Six Years of Marriage

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a garden

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, six years after their marriage, continue to make headlines. Their decision to step back from royal duties in January 2020 marked a major turning point not only for them but also for the British monarchy. Since then, they have tried to navigate between their new responsibilities and their former royal ties, often battling the media and critics, as explained by The Express.

Their recent Netflix documentary reveals a couple constantly under pressure, engaged in multiple legal and personal battles. This atmosphere of conflict seems to have defined their new life away from traditional royal obligations.

For royal observers, the crucial question remains: what has become of Meghan and Harry? Kinsey Schofield, host of the podcast Heirs & Spares, emphasizes that the couple needs to clarify their position. "They have really created an ‘us against the world’ relationship," she says. "But they now need to ask themselves what they really are."

Rupert Bell, another royal commentator, shares this view. "They are no longer active members of the royal family. They need to accept that they are now a commercial entity," he asserts. Indeed, despite their philanthropic activities, their status and public image remain unclear.

One of the main reasons behind their departure was the desire to control their own narrative. Bell points out that Meghan and Harry want to "control the narrative around their relationship down to the smallest detail." This need for control pushed them to distance themselves from the Crown, where they could not impose their own rules.

This behavior was evident during their recent trip to Africa, where they carefully managed their image and public interactions. "This is the ultimate reason why they left the royal family," adds Bell. "They wanted it to be their own show."

Despite the ongoing tensions, it seems that openings for reconciliation exist. Ingrid Seward, a royal expert, suggests that Harry might receive a major invitation from the palace this summer. Every August, the royal family gathers at Balmoral for a break from official engagements, a tradition dear to the late Queen Elizabeth II and continued by King Charles III.

"There is no doubt that this invitation will also be extended to Harry, Meghan, and their children," says Seward. However, she acknowledges that Harry and Meghan’s security concerns could pose obstacles to this potential reunion.

The couple is thus at a crossroads. Should they continue to fight to control their image or find a new way to coexist with the royal family? The answer to this question will likely determine their future and their relationship with the British monarchy.

The media and public pressure on Harry and Meghan remains intense. Their decision to leave the royal family was seen by many as an act of defiance, but for them, it was a matter of personal and professional survival. They now face the enormous challenge of building a new identity while managing incessant expectations and criticisms.