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Matthew Perry: A Suspicious Death?

Portrait of the actor Matthew Perry, star of the Friends series

The Los Angeles police are investigating the death of actor Matthew Perry, famous for his role in Friends. Aged 54, he was found unconscious on October 28 in his jacuzzi in Los Angeles. Authorities are citing "acute effects" of ketamine.

Matthew Perry, alias Chandler Bing, died as a result of this substance, sometimes used in therapy for depression. The accident, initially described as such, is now under investigation. The police are collaborating with the DEA — Drug Enforcement Administration — and the American postal police, trying to understand how Perry obtained the ketamine, as he had not had a supervised therapeutic session before his death.

Ketamine, an anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects, is often diverted from its medical use. Matthew Perry, who suffered from addictions, revealed in his memoirs that he had undergone 65 detox treatments, spending over nine million dollars on care. He had also undergone several surgical operations, including a seven-hour one on his colon in 2018.

Matthew Perry has always assumed his commitment to the fight against addictions and a foundation, supported by his Friends co-stars, was even established in his honor.

The actor’s death has sparked a wave of tributes, from Hollywood stars to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.