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Former M6 Star Mathieu Ceschin Shares His Difficult Solo Fatherhood

Mathieu Ceschin on a white horse

A few days ago, Mathieu Ceschin, a contestant from the 15th season of L’Amour est dans le pré, became a father. After revealing the first photos of his little Ezio, born on May 28 in Colombia via surrogacy, he wrote a long text on Instagram recounting the difficult beginnings of his fatherhood.

Mathieu continued the surrogacy process alone despite his divorce from Alexandre in August 2022. On Instagram, he expressed his immense happiness and surprise at the love he feels for his son. He also thanked the surrogate mother, Ame, for her incredible gesture. Mathieu hopes to show that a single, mature, and gay father can succeed in this extraordinary role.

This Sunday, June 9, Mathieu shared a long message about the difficulties encountered as a parent. "They don’t tell us everything!", he begins. "We are not warned enough, I think parents forget this early stage of life, but it is so hard".

Exhausted, Ezio’s dad confided that he finds the necessary strength to overcome these complicated moments thanks to the love he has for his son. The charming bachelor is also grateful to a certain Slimane who took fourth place at the Eurovision. "You won’t believe it, but I found what puts him to sleep almost instantly, it’s the song Mon amour by @slimane", he confided, grateful to the singer.

He then warned future single parents that there will be a lot of love, but also difficult moments. "I am not ashamed to say that I am struggling, that I am exhausted, but I find resources within myself that I didn’t think I could find. And I am proud of the path we are taking together". A beautiful lifelong story that has just begun!