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Mariah Carey, Lonely Christmas in Aspen

Mariah Carey, a great voice often unlucky in love

Mariah Carey, the famous American singer, ended the year on a melancholic note. She was spotted alone in Aspen, a famous ski resort in Colorado, following her breakup with Bryan Tanaka, a dancer and choreographer, and also her partner for several years. The diva, known for her impressive vocal performances, now has to face this festive period as a single woman.

The relationship between Mariah and Bryan Tanaka, which lasted nearly seven years, seemed happy and solid. Their complicity on stage as well as in life captivated fans. However, after persistent rumors, Bryan, 40 years old, confirmed their separation on Instagram, expressing his gratitude for the shared moments.

The breakup occurred despite a shared history of more than ten years, including their professional collaboration. According to sources, the couple’s diverging desires led to this decision. Bryan wanted to start a family, while Mariah, already a mother of twins, did not share this aspiration.

Mariah Carey confided to People magazine about her intention to have fun despite the circumstances. The singer, mother of Moroccan and Monroe, aged 12, seems to want to focus on her children and her career.

The holiday season in Aspen, favored by celebrities, saw Mariah Carey indulge in the joys of skiing and solo shopping. Far from being downcast, the diva, closer than ever to her children, seems determined to move forward against all odds.