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Femicide After 13 Police Reports and 4 Complaints from the Victim

Woman sitting on the ground threatened by her partner

The Assize Court of Bas-Rhin is judging a 45-year-old man this week, accused of strangling his ex-partner in December 2020. The tragedy unfolded in front of their children after years of untreated domestic violence by the authorities.

The body of the victim, 25 years old, was found buried in a forest near Strasbourg a few days after her disappearance. She had been strangled for at least six minutes and had knife wounds. The events took place in her apartment, in the presence of their four children, aged 2 to 7 years old.

The two eldest children told investigators about a dispute between their parents while they were watching cartoons. The father accused the mother of being in love with another man. The children tried to make noise to alert the neighbor, without success.

The man finally confessed to his crime, overwhelmed by the evidence: his DNA on a knife, the victim’s blood in the apartment and on his shoes. During the interrogations, he blamed the victim, citing a toxic relationship and reciprocal violence.

The investigation revealed thirteen handrails, four complaints, and one report for domestic violence. Despite this, the authorities only took limited measures, such as a simple reminder of the law.

The accused has an antisocial personality disorder according to experts. His criminal record already shows ten convictions. Even if he is now facing life imprisonment, one has to wonder until when women will finally be better protected in our country.