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The President and the Miss: When Macron Defends the Last Miss France

President Emmanuel Macron has defended Miss France 2024, Ève Gilles

During an appearance on France 5 this Wednesday, December 20, President Emmanuel Macron defended Ève Gilles, the recently elected Miss France, who is facing harsh criticism for her short haircut. "Honestly, it’s crazy to think that people can spew hate speech because someone has short hair," the president said, calling some commentators "nuts."

Ève Gilles, who represented Nord-Pas-de-Calais, was praised by the president as a "magnificent" Miss France, hailing from a region particularly dear to him, Hauts-de-France. However, her election was overshadowed by a flood of negative online comments, specifically targeting her haircut.

Macron emphasized that Ève Gilles’ case reflects a broader issue of harassment and cyberbullying. He expressed his concern for young girls and children who are victims of this type of toxic behavior, often in the isolation of their room or family.

The president also referred to the bill on the regulation and security of the digital space (SREN), adopted two months ago by the National Assembly, which aims to more effectively combat cyberbullying. Describing cyberbullying as a "pack hunt over details," Macron stressed the devastating impact it can have on self-esteem and, in the most severe cases, lead to desperate acts.

Finally, the president emphasized the importance of supporting victims: "One, they are not alone. Two, those who insult or harass them, they are the problem, and it’s them we will continue to target."