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Macron Finally Guarantees the Place of Booksellers for the Olympics

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on the banks of the Seine

Emmanuel Macron has announced that the booksellers of Paris will not be moved from the quays for the Olympic Games after all. This decision comes after a long debate about the need to clear the quays for security reasons.

The police prefecture had initially planned to temporarily remove some of the boxes for the opening ceremony. However, the booksellers were strongly opposed, fearing for the survival of their profession. In the end, the president instructed the Minister of the Interior and the Paris police prefect to ensure the complete preservation of their locations on the Seine quays.

Macron asked to adapt the security measures to avoid any impact on the high quays, which will reduce the capacity to accommodate the public. But despite a reduction in the gauge to about 300,000 spectators, this choice demonstrates a desire to reconcile security and heritage.

The booksellers, gathered within the Cultural Association of Paris Booksellers, had even considered legal action to challenge the proposed move. This outcome therefore avoids a prolonged conflict.

This decision is part of a broader context of valuing Parisian traditions and professions, as highlighted by our recent interview with Alexia Delrieu, artist, writer and bookseller, on our site Ecostylia.