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Lucie Lucas Accuses Victoria Abril of Sexual Assault

Between the former muse of Almodovar and the actress revealed to the general public by TF1, war has been declared

Lucie Lucas, the lead actress of the series Clem, recently accused Victoria Abril of sexual assault. This statement comes in the context of the Gérard Depardieu case, who is accused of rape and sexual assault and has sparked a heated debate within the seventh art.

The controversy erupted following the publication of a tribune by about sixty artists in defense of Depardieu, referred to as the "last sacred monster of French cinema". Among the signatories is Victoria Abril, which provoked a vehement reaction from Lucie Lucas.

On Instagram, she denounced the assaults by Victoria Abril "including sexual ones".

Lucie Lucas, who plays the role of Abril’s daughter in Clem, expressed her indignation at this situation. She reveals having kept silent for 15 years in the face of the actions of "degenerate boomers" in the film industry.

This case has highlighted deep divisions within the artistic world. On one side, supporters of Gérard Depardieu, on the other, solidarity towards the alleged victims. Charlotte Arnould notably described the tribune as "trash" in reaction to the situation.

Gérard Depardieu is facing several accusations of rape and sexual assault, involving various women, including actresses Charlotte Arnould and Hélène Darras, as well as Spanish journalist Ruth Baza. This case continues to provoke passionate reactions and deeply divides the French film industry.