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Meryl Streep: Her Daughter Comes Out for Her 75th Birthday

Meryl Streep in front of a gray background

Louisa Jacobson Gummer, the youngest daughter of Meryl Streep, chose a symbolic date to come out: June 22, her mother’s birthday. On Instagram, the 33-year-old actress expressed her joy in entering a "new joyful era" with a rainbow flag emoji, referencing a New York Times article titled "We Are Entering a New Joyful Era of Lesbian Fashion."

Louisa Jacobson accompanied this announcement with several photos where she appears alongside her new partner, Anna Blundell. Among these snapshots, some show the couple holding hands in the street, illustrating the bond that unites them.

Louisa Jacobson Gummer shares snapshots with her partner Anna Blundell on Instagram

This declaration was widely praised by Louisa’s followers, who commended her courage and timing. Many highlighted the symbolism of coming out on Meryl Streep’s birthday, an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ movement.

Meryl Streep, mother of three other children – Henry Wolfe (44 years old), Mary Willa (40 years old), and Grace Jane (38 years old) – has been separated from Don Gummer for six years, although the official announcement was only made in October 2023. The actress, known for her role in Mamma Mia!, had shared secrets about the longevity of her marriage in an interview with Vogue in 2002. She emphasized the importance of goodwill and flexibility.

Louisa Jacobson Gummer’s coming out marks a significant moment in the very private life of the young actress, surrounded by the support of her family and numerous followers.