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Line Renaud: Review of a Life Between Battles and Hope

The singer, actress, and show leader Line Renaud presents us with a new work

On the eve of her 95th birthday, Line Renaud opened up in a new autobiography: Merci la vie ! (Thank you, Life! in French). Co-written with David Lelait-Helo, this work reflects on the defining moments of the singer, actress, and showgirl’s life. Known for her optimism, Line Renaud immerses us in her journey, from segregation to her advocacy for euthanasia.

Born in 1928, Line Renaud has had a rich career, which has taken her from Parisian stages to Las Vegas. Through the pages of her book, she humorously recalls the challenges she has faced. Highly committed to social causes, particularly the fight against AIDS, Line Renaud is a true figure in supporting patients.

In Merci la vie !, she addresses death without taboo and advocates for euthanasia. Like Françoise Hardy, she considers this ultimate stage with a lot of humanity, wishing that everyone can depart with dignity. She also reminds us of the importance of savoring daily little joys, like a dog’s smile or the beauty of a landscape.

More than an autobiography, this book is a reflection of a personality who, despite trials, has always chosen to look towards the future with optimism. Line Renaud reminds us that, no matter the circumstances, it is always possible to find reasons to say merci à la vie !