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Léa Seydoux Versus Emmanuel Macron on the Subject of Depardieu

Léa Seydoux, French actress, in Cannes

The french actress Léa Seydoux criticized Emmanuel Macron‘s comments about Gérard Depardieu, calling them "surreal." Last December, the president had condemned the "manhunt" against the actor, who is accused of rape. Seydoux addressed this topic during an interview with the Sunday Times,. According to her, these statements damage the image of France as a whole.

Emmanuel Macron had stated on C à vous on France 5 that Gérard Depardieu should continue to act, despite the accusations against him. "He is a great genius of his art," the president had said. These remarks sparked outrage, particularly from women’s rights organizations.

Léa Seydoux also shared her personal experience with the infamous Harvey Weinstein, explaining that she had to push him away when he tried to forcibly kiss her. She reminded that the #MeToo movement, born from the revelations against Weinstein, is now active in France. "The younger generation is very committed," she said.

Emmanuel Macron revisited his comments in March, stating he had "no leniency" for Depardieu and emphasizing the protection of victims. The justice system is set to rule in a trial scheduled for October on the rape and sexual assault accusations against the famous actor. The debate on how institutions handle sexual violence continues.