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Elise Lucet and Kylian Mbappé: An Unexpected Collaboration

Kylian Mbappé, international star always very appreciated in his country

This December 14th, a surprising video emerged on the official account of Envoyé Spécial, showing Élise Lucet, renowned journalist, alongside Kylian Mbappé, star of PSG and the French team. This unexpected appearance raises many questions.

Élise Lucet, an emblematic figure of French journalism, is known for her integrity and rigorous approach. Since 2016, she has been hosting Envoyé Spécial, a show famous for its in-depth investigations. One of the most striking episodes was the one dedicated to Nicolas Hulot, accused of sexual assaults and rapes, a subject that had sparked a heated controversy. The journalist defended herself against criticism, highlighting the importance of journalistic work and fact-checking.

The recent video with Kylian Mbappé has naturally aroused interest. In a playful exchange, Lucet teases a future collaboration with the footballer, promising a surprise for viewers. Mbappé, playing along, confirms the surprise, increasing fans’ anticipation. This unexpected encounter between two such different and influential personalities is a source of curiosity and excitement. Why is Mbappé participating in Envoyé Spécial? What will be the nature of this collaboration?

This announcement has not only intrigued fans of Envoyé Spécial but also those of Mbappé, creating a buzz on social media. The answer to these questions will only be revealed in January, the broadcast date of the episode, maintaining the suspense and interest for this exceptional issue.