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The Saga of the Manhattan Usurper

Aryeh Malkiel Dodelson, also known as Kyle Deschanel, in a penthouse in New York

Kyle Deschanel, a quirky personality from Manhattan, promised an exquisite blend of charm and entrepreneurial success. His apparent family fortune, allegedly inherited from the Rothschilds, along with his extravagant lifestyle fueled conversations. However, behind this golden facade hid Aryeh Malkiel Dodelson, a man with a very different background.

At 514 Broome Street, in the upscale neighborhood of Soho, a house stands discreetly, marking the only residential building in a sea of businesses. On sale since 2017, without a buyer, this house became the stage for Deschanel’s extravagances in 2022. Luxurious cocktails, memorable parties, and a socialite life unfolded under the admiring gaze of his acquaintances.

Deschanel, claiming to be at the head of a significant family office, cultivated an image of a successful businessman, with investments ranging from cinema to online sports. His claims included international relations, notably with Saudi Arabia and funding projects for start-ups in India.

But beneath the gloss of lavish receptions and endless nights, a more complex reality was hidden. Deschanel, in reality Aryeh Malkiel Dodelson, originally from New Jersey, navigated between his real identity and the one he had forged. His existence in Manhattan was punctuated by encounters with celebrities and outings to upscale establishments. But in truth, it hid a constant struggle to maintain his illusion of grandeur.

The fall of the so-called Deschanel began as details of his real life started to emerge. Dangerous liaisons with dubious investments and unscrupulous financial practices were revealed. The consequences of his actions extended far beyond his parties, affecting those who had believed and supported him.

This story sheds light not only on the duplicity of a man determined to live a life of fantasy at any cost, but also on the ease with which appearances can deceive in the circles of Manhattan’s high society. The facade of Kyle Deschanel crumbles, leaving behind questions about authenticity and the true costs of prestige.

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