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King Charles III Worries Queen Camilla

King Charles III and Queen Camilla dressed in blue in a magnificent garden

After the announcement of his cancer in February and a break, King Charles III resumed his public activities at the end of April. He started by visiting a cancer treatment center. Doctors specify that his engagements are "carefully calibrated."

During the Queen’s Reading Room literary festival, Queen Camilla stated that the king "will not slow down and will not do what he is told to do." Writer Lee Child wryly responded: "Sounds like a typical husband."

The queen consort had already mentioned the king’s health, revealing that he "was not the best patient." Since his return, King Charles has resumed his activities at an almost normal pace. Frustrated by his immobility, he had declared: "I was allowed to get out of my cage."

King Charles attended the 80th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy, marking his first public appearance abroad since the announcement of his cancer. A few days later, Queen Camilla provided updates, expressing concern about the king’s stubbornness in the face of the illness.

The king had announced in February that he was suffering from "a form of cancer" and had withdrawn from public life. Since the end of April, he has resumed his engagements, visiting cancer patients and stating that he is "doing well."

On June 6, the king was in Normandy to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, appearing moved and paying tribute in French. Despite a recent hospitalization, he is not abandoning his commitments. The royal couple plans several more public appearances in the coming weeks.