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Charles III or The Art of Displeasing in Majesty

King Charles III in London

King Charles III has unveiled his first official portrait since his coronation, a work by artist Jonathan Yeo. Revealed at Buckingham Palace, this impressively sized painting depicts the monarch in the uniform of the Welsh Guards, incorporating a very contemporary style that has not failed to provoke mixed reactions.

The painting, dominated by red hues, presents Charles III in an almost conquering manner, but certain details have sparked varied interpretations. Critics on social media have notably mentioned a background reminiscent of flames or blood, leading to unexpected comparisons, some even referring to devilish or historical references linked to colonialism.

The artist, Jonathan Yeo, explained that the aim was to merge the traditions of royal portraits with a more modern and human vision of the monarchy. The inclusion of a butterfly on the king’s shoulder symbolizes metamorphosis and rebirth, relevant themes since the painting began when Charles was still a prince.

The reception of this official portrait is divided: while some appreciate the artistic renewal, others find it inappropriate or too dark…