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French Singer Kendji Girac: Everything About the Origins of the Drama

The singer Kendji Girac wearing a khaki shirt

On April 22nd, in his caravan located on a reception area in Biscarrosse, the french singer Kendji Girac was seriously shot during a desperate attempt to simulate his suicide. Behind his radiant smile, a deep suffering seems to gnaw at the handsome artist, pushing him to an almost fatal gesture in order to “scare his beloved wife”.

@ecostilya via X – Formerly Twitter

This tragedy comes after a difficult period for the singer, marked by the scarcity of new musical projects and especially constant family tensions. Soraya, his Swiss-Portuguese partner, has never been fully accepted, apparently, by his gypsy family. This situation has created a gap between her desire for sedentarization for their daughter Eva Alba and Kendji’s nomadic lifestyle.

The accident caused a shock wave among his relatives and fans. Soraya, deeply angry, hastily left the camp the next day to return to Switzerland with their daughter. She even refused to visit her husband in the hospital. The situation would have triggered a vast questioning for the singer.

As Kendji Girac prepares for a long period of rehabilitation, the support of his entourage and his fans will be crucial to help him overcome this ordeal. The road to recovery promises to be difficult, but necessary for the artist, who must now face the consequences of his actions and the reality of a highly publicized society focused on judgment.