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Yes, Kendji Girac Will Make a Strong Comeback

The singer Kendji Girac smiling in front of a beige background

He wavered, but Kendji Girac regained his balance with the help of his loved ones and fans. On April 22, he turned a Colt 45 on himself in a caravan where his wife and their daughter were present. France discovered his wounds and intimate cracks. However, on June 26, he reassured his audience on Instagram, stating that he would live up to his second chance. "I can’t wait to come back to do what I love most, singing with my guitar, sharing all this love."

On July 3, Kendji overcame the curse of 27, the age at which Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse died. By turning 28, he broke the spell after being saved in extremis by the doctors of Pessac. Less than three months later, he proudly posed with Mamo, the owner of the Michelangelo restaurant, an institution in Antibes.

After several weeks of convalescence in the Paris region, Kendji was finally able to enjoy a family vacation. He celebrated his birthday with his loved ones, expressing renewed determination. Aware of the gravity of his action, he listened to the doctors and promised to change. His priority is now to heal for his family, especially for his daughter Eva Alba and his partner Soraya.

Since his discharge from the hospital, Kendji has addressed his community via Instagram, apologizing and expressing his desire to get back up. "You can always get back up, nothing is set in stone in life," he declared, supported by Eva Longoria. His goal is clear: to get back on stage and resume his musical career. At the end of June, the doctors gave him the green light, and he embarked on a daily fitness program to prepare for his return.

Kendji is recording a new single scheduled for early September, and he is determined to come back stronger. He wants to show a new face, more human and touching, while promising not to burn his wings again. He writes his future with the capital A of love.