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Kate Middleton and Prince William: Yes, They Date in Secret

Kate Middleton and Prince William in a car

Known for her discretion and elegance, Kate Middleton shares a particular passion with Prince William. Undergoing treatment for cancer, the Princess of Wales does not forget to enjoy intimate moments with her loved ones. According to The Mirror, these moments take place away from their residence.

The mother of George, Charlotte, and Louis organizes secret getaways to London and other cities in the United Kingdom. Accompanied by her husband, she explores the outside world, far from prying eyes.

These clandestine meetings began well before the announcement of the princess’s cancer. Before the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, the British media discovered the princely couple’s secret getaways. They would meet in the evening in cozy places for romantic dinners.

Kate Middleton and Prince William particularly enjoy Indian restaurants in England. Passionate about spicy cuisine, they savor curry dishes in the best establishments. Known for her love of cooking, Kate likes to try new flavors with Prince William in particular.

To stay incognito, they use a well-honed technique. When booking a table, they make anonymous phone calls. This was revealed by Vinay Aggarwal, owner of a curry restaurant, surprised to discover the identity of his mystery clients.

Due to their notoriety, Catherine Middleton and her husband often dine at home, a pleasure for their three children. However, they reserve special moments, far from the frenzy of Buckingham Palace.

These culinary escapades show an intimate and gourmet side of their life, proving that even under the spotlight, they continue to enjoy simple pleasures.