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Kate Middleton: Her Family Is Also Struck

Kate Middleton in a store

Kate Middleton, the princess of Wales, recently unveiled her health status, confirming speculations about her prolonged convalescence after her operation at the London Clinic in January 2024. She revealed to the whole world her cancer diagnosis, discovered following this intervention. An announcement that has upset not only the international scene, but first and foremost her own family.

Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother, is particularly affected by the ordeal her daughter is going through. Jennie Bond, royal expert, highlighted to the Daily Mirror how difficult the situation was for Carole. "Kate may already be 42 years old, but she is still her little girl," she reminded.

This ordeal comes at a particularly complicated time for Kate’s family. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are facing major financial difficulties following the bankruptcy of their company, Party Pieces.

Sold for 180,000 pounds to Scottish businessman James Sinclair, the sum does not cover the accumulated debts, amounting to more than 2.6 million pounds. The Middleton family thus finds itself in a precarious financial situation, adding additional pressure in these already difficult times.

Despite these challenges, the princess of Wales remains a model of resilience, strength, but above all dignity.