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Karl Lagerfeld: When Canal+ Tries to Unravel His Mystery

The talented Karl Lagerfeld also mastered the art of storytelling

The world of Haute Couture comes to screens with the documentary series Karl Lagerfeld – Revelation. Co-directed by Guillaume Perez, this documentary explores the life of the famous German couturier through unseen archives. Karl Lagerfeld, known for his role as artistic director at Fendi and Chanel, is presented in a new light. The first two episodes of this series were broadcast on Wednesday, January 17 at 9:10 pm on Canal+.

Guillaume Perez discussed his experience as co-director of these four episodes. Despite his distance from the world of fashion, the proposal to work on this documentary proved irresistible to him. He had already had the opportunity to meet Lagerfeld during his productions for shows such as The Dinners by Thierry Ardisson. Perez remembers Lagerfeld as a person comfortable in the media, but also a man of remarkable politeness.

Perez addresses Lagerfeld’s tendency to blur the lines concerning his age and origins. Despite these mysteries, documents like his baptismal certificate helped to clarify certain gray areas. Perez also highlights Lagerfeld’s modesty, mentioning his ability to transform reality, sometimes boring, into enticing stories.

The documentary does not just glorify Lagerfeld, but also explores his difficult moments, such as his bankruptcy in the late 90s and the loss of his great love, Jacques de Bascher. Despite these trials, Lagerfeld managed to reinvent himself and keep his despair away from the spotlight.

The complex relationship between Lagerfeld and Yves Saint-Laurent) is also addressed. They started as close friends before tensions, notably due to Pierre Bergé and Jacques de Bascher, separated them.

This documentary offers a deep dive into the life of one of the biggest names in fashion, revealing the hidden facets of Karl Lagerfeld. His story, marked by success, reinvention, and a certain melancholy, is always told with respect.