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Karine Le Marchand: Unconditional Support for Farmers

The French host and actress Karine Le Marchand supports farmers in the face of protests shaking the country

Karine Le Marchand, host of the famous show Love is in the Meadow on M6, received the cross of Officer of Agricultural Merit last November. More recently, she confided in Le Parisien following the numerous protests of anger from French farmers.

Karine Le Marchand has always clearly expressed her support for the agricultural world, notably through her latest documentary Family of Farmers, which recorded a remarkable audience. This film, which traces a century of peasant history, illustrates the challenges and misunderstandings experienced by farming families.

For her, the current anger is a form of civil insurrection, born from frustration at government decisions made without consideration for the "little people". She is worried about the survival of the sector in France, in the face of low incomes and the disillusionment of young people.

Le Marchand also points out the uncertainty of prices and climatic hazards, which accentuate the precariousness of small farms. She believes it is necessary to establish a fair and stable purchase price for agricultural products and criticizes the practices of price slashing that harm local producers.

In the face of the crisis, the host calls on all French people for increased recognition for farmers, emphasizing the importance of buying their products at a fair price. For Le Marchand, solidarity with the agricultural world also involves active participation in protests and a broader commitment from society.