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Karine Le Marchand Confronts Her Daughter’s Missteps

The star presenter Karine Le Marchand in tears against a backdrop of sky

Karine Le Marchand recently expressed her unconditional support for her daughter Alya, following the revelation of her arrest and her custody for cannabis consumption. The host of Farmer Wants a Wife reacted strongly on Instagram, denouncing rumors and staunchly defending her daughter.

The controversy surrounding the arrest of young Alya began after a traffic stop in Paris, where she was reportedly tested positive for cannabis. Her mother, a star host, then posted a poignant message on her Instagram account, criticizing attacks against her daughter and highlighting Alya’s efforts to stop her cannabis consumption.

Karine Le Marchand denounces a "fantasy" created by the media and detractors, asserting that her daughter had never been banned from driving and that she was running errands at her request at the time of her arrest. She also mentioned the cannabis substitution treatment that her daughter was following as part of a voluntary withdrawal process.

The host also promised to sue anyone spreading malicious rumors about her daughter. "I will defend you until my death," she declared, testifying to her love and attachment for her offspring. The solidarity of her friends and colleagues, including Michaël Youn and Franck Dubosc, testifies to the support the famous host enjoys.